Purchase Terms

The purchase conditions apply to all sales of goods from “Virena, Inc. (hereby referred to as “Virena”, “Seller”) to consumers through online stores. The order confirmation and the order constitute the entire contractual basis for the transaction, along with these terms and conditions.

Seller: Virena, P.O. Box 219 Garrisonville Road, Garrisonville, VA 22463

Return Address: P.O. Box 219 Garrisonville Road, Garrisonville, VA 22463

Customer Service: Inquiries to customer service should be directed to: support@virena.us.

Buyer: The person specified as the buyer in the order. 

Product: The item that has been ordered

Service: The subscription or purchase


Once an order is received by the Seller, the agreement is binding for both parties. The Seller will send an order confirmation to the Buyer by email, which will show the ordered Product(s), price, and delivery interval. The Buyer is obligated to review the order confirmation and notify the Seller immediately if it does not match the order. Attached to the order confirmation are these terms and conditions, as well as information and a form for the right of withdrawal. The terms and conditions of the agreement may be changed without notice due to specific needs and/or requirements from public authorities. The agreement implies that the Buyer accepts updated/modified terms and conditions that are not substantially unfavorable to the Buyer. New terms and conditions will be announced continuously on the Seller’s website and will apply to future deliveries.

Sales and Price

The Product(s) are sold as both individual purchases and subscriptions without a binding period. By accepting the terms, the Buyer enters into an agreement for the purchase and/or a subscription with scheduled delivery of the ordered product at the price indicated on the product’s website and/or order confirmation, including tax and any shipping fees. A package will be sent at the agreed interval chosen by the customer in the online store, and delivery will be made according to the chosen interval. The subscription will continue until termination or changes are made.


Buyer agrees to notify Virena if the delivery does not arrive in a reasonable, expected time.

The product will be delivered to Buyer’s address entered at purchase, with mailing service discretion based on individual circumstance (i.e. at a mailbox or shared drop off location). The expected delivery time for orders or initial shipments for subscriptions is up to two weeks from the order date. If Buyer does not notify of any missing delivery within the deadline, it will be considered that the goods have been delivered, and the payment obligation will be maintained.

For subsequent deliveries of packages, the following applies:

The first regular shipment for subscriptions will be sent out according to the chosen interval, and information related to shipments can be found in the order confirmation and on the customer’s profile on virena.us and virena.no. Expected delivery is normally within 3-10 days from shipment. If Buyer does not notify of any missing delivery before any debt collection claim is issued, the claim will be maintained regardless. The goods can be resent after any claim has been fulfilled.

Buyer must be over 18 years old to order any Product from our online store, regardless of which country Buyer resides in or ships to. For US customers residing outside the Continental US, orders may take up to 7 or more days to be received. For orders to and within Norway, Virena AS only sells products classified as cosmetics or dietary supplements, as well as goods that naturally fall under these categories and can be freely traded in Norway. When purchasing products for other countries (not including the US), the Buyer is considered the importer of the product to the country and must comply with the rules governing imports, including what can legally be imported to the country where the order is shipped.

Virena and Virena AS are not responsible for delays or returns due to customs control, rules, or prohibitions that prevent the delivery of the product or issues on the part of the delivery service or Postal Service.

In normal cases, Virena and Virena AS bear all costs of delivery, or a agreed-upon fee in the online store. However, Virena and Virena AS cannot be held responsible for changes in regulations or extraordinary circumstances that may result in additional expenses.


Termination of a subscription must be made at least 30 days before a planned shipment for the Product in the Service. The last day for termination will be indicated on the invoice and/or on “My Account” page on the Seller’s website. Termination can be done through customer service (as specified above for contact information) via email, through the customer’s profile, or by mail. If mail is used, the postmark date will be used to determine whether the deadline has been met. In case of late termination, Buyer is obligated to receive the next planned delivery in the Service before the subscription is terminated. Seller reserves the right to stop deliveries of the Product and cancel the subscription if payment is overdue for two or more shipments, or if Buyer can no longer be considered creditworthy by the Seller.


We strive for high quality assurance of our products. If there is still an issue with the shipment, Buyer must contact customer service as soon as possible, otherwise the right to complain may be lost. The right to complain for the Product is limited to the stated expiration date. The Product must be stored in a dry, cool place and not exposed to direct sunlight.

Seller reserves the right to interruptions in operations, errors in pricing, and errors in information that are beyond Seller’s control, including technical issues, power outages, overload, sabotage, etc. Refer to the section on Force Majeure for more information.


Products are sold both as single orders and as part of a subscription service. Payment can be made through automatic card charges (via Stripe), Paypal or with “Pay Later” options with Klarna. By paying with a card or Paypal, you automatically agree to recurring charges according to the chosen subscription cycle, based on the selected quantity and interval. Payment with a card is processed through the reputable international payment solution Stripe. Payment for delayed charges are handled via Klarna and may result in a credit check to use their service.

Stripe, Klarna, and Paypal have their own terms and conditions for their services, which can be found on their websites and are part of their solutions. Virena complies with and acts in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Delayed (pay-later) payments used with Klarna are subject to their terms and policies for using their service. Issues regarding charges or other payment issues when using Klarna should be directed to their customer service, available on the Klarna website.

Right of withdrawal and returns

While not required in US Law, Virena offers a right of withdrawal that applies for 14 days after the agreement is entered into. This means that the Buyer has the right to withdraw from this agreement within 14 days without stating any reason for doing so. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day the Buyer receives the first product in their mailbox.

If the package has been sent out before the right of withdrawal is exercised, it is assumed that the shipment is returned intact in the original packaging with a withdrawal statement that accompanies the first delivery or is attached to the order confirmation. The Buyer is responsible for covering the return postage. The right of withdrawal requires that the product is returned in the same condition as upon receipt, i.e., in original, undamaged packaging and that the product has not been used.

If the seal has been broken on products where the right of withdrawal is exercised, the original claim will be maintained even if the package is returned. The Buyer is also responsible for any damages to the returned product.

If the Buyer has received a package they did not order, the Buyer should contact the Seller immediately via customer service at the email address: support@virena.us

The right of withdrawal only applies to the first shipment, and subsequent subscription packages cannot be returned. Packages that are returned outside the terms of the right of withdrawal or without prior agreement with customer service may be subject to a return fee of $15 USD. Charges issued outside the right of withdrawal will not be credited. If a package is returned due to an unknown address, a postage fee of $8 USD will be charged when the package is resent to the correct address.

Change of Address

Change of address must be reported to the Seller as soon as possible. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to notify the Seller of any changes in address due to relocation. Any costs associated with shipments that are sent without notifying the change of address must be covered by the Buyer. Notify customer service at support@virena.us for any changes of address.


When you make a purchase from us, you may receive newsletters/marketing for our products and services via mail, email, SMS, or other media you have provided to us. You can always let us know if you do not wish to receive further marketing by contacting customer service.

Offers and Campaigns 

Introductory prices, offers, and promotions apply only to new customers on the selected product/subscription. Orders from existing or previous customers will be charged the regular price unless otherwise agreed upon.

Personal Information

Seller guarantees that the use and storage of personal data will be treated confidentially and in accordance with applicable US law. We do not store sensitive account or credit information. Personal information will only be shared outside the Virena group with Stripe, Paypal, Klarna and other marketing partners, as necessary for billing and payment in sales of claims. Seller reserves the right to contact the customer with offers and news. Buyer has the right to access registered information. Please refer to our privacy statement on our website for more information.

Responsibility for Defects

Seller is responsible for ensuring that the product corresponds to what is stated in the marketing, both in terms of product quality and that customers receive what they are promised. However, Seller is not responsible for ensuring that the product is suitable for the customer.

Produktets innhold og virkning – bruk av produktet

Seller disclaims any liability for errors or careless use of the Product. The Product is considered a cosmetic or dietary supplement according to US law. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet. Recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements and cosmetics should be stored out of reach of children.

Buyer must follow the dosage instructions or usage instructions provided on the packaging or attachments. Seller may change the content, composition, or packaging of the Product without prior notice and without informing the customer separately, as long as the new content of the Product has equivalent effects as the original Product.

In case of changes to the formula that may pose a risk with known allergens, the seller will provide written information about it. The Product is a dietary supplement or a cosmetic product where the effects may be based on clinical studies, usage, literature, or user experiences. As dietary supplements or cosmetics may have individual variations in effectiveness, the effect cannot be guaranteed in individual cases, and Seller cannot be held liable for economic or health-related issues arising from the use of the Product’s effects.

Force majeure

If a situation arises that makes it impossible for the Seller to fulfill its obligations under this agreement, and which, according to ordinary principles of purchase law, is considered as force majeure, the obligations of the affected party shall cease for as long as the extraordinary situation persists. Force majeure includes, for example, changes in law, labor disputes, strikes, lockouts, or other circumstances beyond the control of the parties, such as war, rebellion, fire, explosion, or intervention by public authorities. The same applies in case of sudden changes in requirements for labeling of products, warning texts, sales bans, or decisions from authorities that affect the market and products negatively, or abnormal decline in the market.

The Seller reserves the right for operational disruptions or incorrect prices and information caused by circumstances beyond our control, including technical problems such as power outages, overloads, and sabotage.

Choice of law and jurisdiction

This agreement is subject to US and Virginia Law. Disputes between Buyer and Seller shall be sought resolved through negotiations in the Commonwealth of Virginia.