About Us

VIRENA is a Norwegian Luxury Skincare Brand now providing high quality products in the US.

What is VIRENA about?

VIRENA products are developed by a woman for women, with the simple idea to create quality cosmetic and skincare products that can compete with the big brands at affordable prices.

Each product is developed in Norway with a team of some of the EU’s best cosmetic and skincare consultants. Each product is also manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

VIRENA cosmetic and skincare products

An important aspect of our collection is that all our products are alcohol-free, not tested on animals, suitable for all skin types, and free from parabens and sulfates.

We also develop products to be sustainable, so we make as many of our products as possible vegan-friendly, as long as it does not affect the end result or quality.

The development process was extensive. There were numerous rounds of trials, adjustments, and ingredient changes, until we were satisfied with the results; including the immediate and long-term effects, feel, and appearance of all our products.

Now, we are excited to finally share our products with you!

Empowering Women

We aim to empower women to become more independent and enter the business world.

We can do this because we developed quality cosmetic and skincare products than can compete with the big brands, but at more affordable prices.

The key is our unique business model where women have the opportunity to work with our products as VIRENA Ambassadors with their own VIRENA online store to earn commissions on every sale.

We take care of the logistics, inventory management, and maintenance of the online store, so the Ambassador can focus on marketing and selling from their online store. You also have the option to buy direct at discounted prices if you prefer direct sales methods, such as home parties, door-to-door etc.

Learn more about the VIRENA Ambassador program

Become a VIRENA Ambassador

  • It's completely free to participate, no product purchases necessary
  • Your own, personalized VIRENA webstore
  • Earn commissions up to 20% and start your own sales team
  • We take care of fulfillment, storage, delivery and customer service